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Back in 2005 we featured in the Independent on Sunday newspaper, talking about riding dirt bike tours. Here are some quotes from the article –

“In the remote countryside villagers find foreign bikers a source of fascination”

“Learning a new and potentially dangerous activity is made easier when you have a teacher who has patience and experience. McCreadie has both in abundance.”

“The night is spent in the comfortable quarters of the rangers… our support vehicle has brought all the necessary supplies – good food and good wine. “I like to inject a little style” says McCreadie, as we sit around a candlit table eating marinated pork and drinking a decent bordeax”

“At times we are in the midst of gargantuan trees and ferns…next moment the track offers up stunning vistas of the plains below..”

“..we reach the outer limits of Preah Khan..stone ruins covered in thick foliage loom out of the jungle…noble relics of a once mighty city, nestle evocatively in the gentle evening mist.”

This article first appeared in the Independent On Sunday newspaper in the UK on January 30, 2005. To read the article in full click here: or for more of journalist Andrew Spooners work go

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