Cardomons just got a whole load tougher

Planning to ride one of the best trails from Osom to Koh Kong over the mountains? Not the new Chinese Dam Road but the old gnarley trail used by loggers and smugglers. Think again! Now the logging appears to have slowed down the road is no longer used. And has turned into a total arse-kicker…if you like being punched off your bike by bamboo this is now the place. Unlikely the track will get cleared anytime soon, or improved as it takes so much upkeep. A legend dies and is taken back by the jungle. Lucky we’ve got loads of other fantastic trails to ride.

rafting a river in the Cardomons

rafting a river in the Cardomons

After rafting all 9 bikes across the river on tubes we discovered that the track was impassable we had to raft them all back again. And sleep a night in the jungle. Million star hotel.

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