What does a 40 year old Petrol Head know about technology?

Back in my early 20′s when we first started exploring the Cambodian wilderness, all we needed for a ride was a battered XLR250 rental, a pair of ex-army boots, a krama (a traditional Cambodian scarf) to wrap round your head or use as an improvised tow rope, and a pair of sunnies.

No GPS, no mobile phone, not even a leatherman, as none of these things had either been invented or become widely available, no digital camera, or helmet cam.

I remember Ben bringing over the first helmet cam from Aus – attached to a box the size of a home VHS recorder (which is what it was…) taping direct to VHS. Hmmm, compact. No screen to view the results so he had no idea that he’d fallen off on the first day and kinked the scart cable running from his helmet into his back-pack. And had recorded six days of fuzz. Doh.

The stuff we wear, the stuff we carry, is worth more than the bikes we used to ride…not difficult admittedly…

But I think I’ve hit my limit…too many charging leads and down load cables. Too many batteries . And the device that broke the camels back – a Spot Tracker operated through a smart phone. What happened to simple? OK it has only two buttons. One turns it on and the other sends out an SOS. Everything else has to be done through the iphone by blue tooth. No turning on the tracking device unless you have juice in the phone.

Not that I’m ready to go back to army boots and scarf round the head. I’ll keep the GPS (hate getting lost after all…well at least when I have 20 people behind me looking for guidance) and my old nokia, a good helmet, gloves and boots, and of course my air cooled, tough as nails, non fuel injected, XR 400. You can keep the rest.

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