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The Distant Past

Got some tours coming up that are looking for more riders to share in the fun – Dec 28 – Jan 2 modified Beachcomber Tour. Ride into the Cardomon mountains and on some of the great trails that hide out down the coast. New Years Eve in Sihanoukville. Jumping. Feb 13 – 22 Cardomons ride […]

And then the old man was gone

            As soon as he left Indiana’s mates the looters turned up and did this. The chisel marks are still fresh. Probably already on the way to a collector in New York. Such a pity. Cambodia is covered in these awesome little hidden temples.

Christmas in Sihanoukville

Another sunny warm Christmas in Sihanoukville. Another fantastic Debs cooked dinner. Another popular day for Cambodian weddings – we’ve got four round the house at present. Tin speakers going full blast from 630am. Makes for an interesting sound track to turkey dinner with friends!

Rat bike to tourer…the GS

Hopefully the old 1000 won’t turn out to a huge pain in the ass. Going against my usual rule of thumb – buy the lowest mileage, least used example of any vehicle you want, irrespective of age. And don’t touch it if it’s been in Cambodia for long….well that went out the window. This is […]