Tour Tales

Peak Baggers take Phnom Aural

A happy bunch of guys just completed another Expedition to the top of Phnom Aural, the highest mountain in Cambodia. Our two Norwegian Peak Baggers are on an 8 Peak bagging holiday, having just come from Bangladesh and onto Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. The Singapore peak appeals to me – you do it in a […]

Laos + Thailand’s Twisty Roads of Delight

We set off from Sihanoukville with the intention of a little explore round Laos, and maybe a little of Northern Thailand. A month later and we’ve ridden some of the most amazing twisty mountain Adventure Bike roads to be found anywhere in the world. And stumbled across H’moung New Year celebrations on the Plain of […]

Another Great Weekend with Black Desert

NEWS FROM THE WALES DIVISION – another great ride out was had with Craig Bounds and Tamsin Jones of Black Desert Training from their secret hilltop farmhouse location nestled in the Welsh hills. Get on board and sign up for 17/18 September 2016! Drop Cambodia Expeditions or Tamsin at Black Desert an email for more […]