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Before Bear Grylls became a full on household name and celebrity (presenter of Man Vs Wild) he was just an honest to goodness adventurer – youngest Brit to climb Mt Everest and first man to cross the Atlantic in a RiB, or Rigid Hulled Inflatable boat. The boat in question, the Atlantic Challenge was built by legendary boat builder Shaun White, industry guiding light and old friend of Cambodia Expedition’s Zeman McCreadie. Shaun was to build a second boat for Bear’s own use, named the St. Tudwal, after the island that Bear owns in North Wales. The boat featured in a publicity shoot for Motor Boats Magazine, around Ramsey Island in Wales, an area of sea coast so dangerous that only a skipper with local knowledge can safely navigate. Zeman was called into skipper the boat and stand in as ‘stunt double’ for Bear.

Here we’ve lifted some selected quotes, to read the article in full go to
Rock Solid – Dodging rocks in an Ocean Dynamics 8m Ribworker.

June 2004, UK.
Report By Hugo Andreae
Rock Dodging in a RiB off the coast of Wales, UK

“First a motorbike, then a helicopter, now a RiB…quite what our host, Bear Grylls has in store…is anyones guess…no point in worrying about that..when we’ve yet to survive the perilous Bitches of Ramsey Island.”

“local lifeboats records are filled with stories of boats that …have been pounded into splinters by…wind and tide…but at least we’ve got a few weapons in our arsenal…foremost amongst these is a chap called Zeman Mccreadie…who appears to have been hewn from the same craggy rocks that make up this wild and rugged coastline..”

“In short, he’s the type of person you’d rather have on your side than on anyone else’s.”

“Zeman certainly isn’t holding back, picking his way through the turbulent waters with the kind of confidence that only years of hands-on experience can give.”

“(his) face cracks into a knowing smile as he points the bows directly into the maelstrom..”

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