BMW GS goes against the Club Racer

It seems by accident or design I’ve never been one to go with the flow, rather to buck the trend. This time it seems, just when everyone in the motorcycle world is taking BMW flat twins and stripping them down and converting them to cafe racers I’ve inadvertently taken a cafe racer and put all the parts back to make an adventure bike…Although to be fair the cafe racer conversion that the previous owner attempted on my R100GS was decidedly second rate – drain pipes for straight cut exhausts, unattached except at the manifolds, Nissan oil filters for air filters held on with zip ties, tank rack held on with sticky tape, to name but three of the horrors. And the cut down seat made driving almost impossible on the roads round Sihanoukville as your eyeballs bounced out of their sockets through the potholes. Like sitting on a plank. After a year of rehab the GS is ready for action and a circuit of Cambodia. Hopefully….for the results check out

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